Lifesaving Equipment

Parkway Toyota

Here are two of our Lifeguard Tacoma’s and one Lifeguard Tundra. Thank you to resident and Parkway Toyota owner Mr. Dennis Lauzon for his friendship and continued support of our Lifeguard Agency and its emergency vehicle needs. Our Toyotas are outfitted with lights. Sirens. VHF and UHF Two way radios. EMS equipment like first aid kits, AEDs. Backboards and spinal immobilization equipment, rapid entry diver gear, mask and snorkels. rescue fins. Rescue cans. Tow straps and shovels.

Rescue Watercraft

We have two Yamaha rescue watercraft that are utilized daily and detailed to a lifeguard for the day. Our rescue watercraft are integral to our day-to-day safety along the beachfront. We are also able to provide mutual aid to neighboring agencies quickly via the water from our rescue watercraft.

Enclosed Lifeguard Towers

We are fortunate to have three enclosed Lifeguard towers with a fourth slated for 2023, along our 1.8 miles each offering a safe and sheltered location for our lifeguards to watch the beach and water out of the elements as well as supervisors to station themselves watching over their areas.

We dedicated our 3rd tower in memory of our long-time friend Cyndy Serpe,  mother of former lifeguard Derek Serpe, and junior lifeguards Samantha and Sloan Serpe as also a lover of everything Sea Girt – most especially the beach. We thank Ralph Serpe and the entire Serpe family for their support over the years of our lifeguards and our need to provide the best service possible.

Open Lifeguard Towers

We have 16 open lifeguard towers like the one pictured here.  They are platforms with steps and ramps to allow the Lifeguard to safely get on and off the tower and serve as a semi-permanent station to watch over their area of responsibility. We can move them when needed as they are on skids to be pulled through the sand. 

Lifeguard Surfboats

We have a number of surfboats used for patrol, workouts, rescue and competition. Pictures here is a VanDuyne surfboat. We also have ASAY lifeguard surf boats and ASAY self bailer national class racing boats used in competition. 

Ranger 4×4