Beach Rules & Regulations

Adopted pursuant to Borough Ordinance #17-2010, as amended, regulating the use of bathing beaches




Great expense and effort went into planting of the dune grass, planted to preserve the dunes and protect our coast line. Please keep off the dunes. No person may walk or enter upon a protected dune area (Ordinance No. 543)




The Borough of Sea Girt places special emphasis on the protection and conservation of Endangered-Protected Species. We would ask that all of the guests to our beach also be cognizant of this and support our efforts. We would like to encourage you to advise our lifeguards if you see anything of concern as relates to an Endangered-Protected Species. Thank you for visiting our beach.



A-1 Each and every person (except children under 12 years of age) must have beach badges when using any of the beaches in Sea Girt during posted open hours. This badge shall at all times be displayed on a prominent place.

A-2 Beach badges may be obtained between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm at the Bathing Pavilion Office at the foot of Beacon Boulevard or at other to be designated areas along the beachfront. Only cash payments will be accepted for badges.

A-3 A fee is charged for the Beach Badge in order to provide Lifeguard protection and the necessary personnel and equipment to maintain and clean the beaches. Lifeguards are on duty daily, 9:15 am to 4:45 pm and from 9:15 am to 5:45 pm on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from the last weekend in June until Labor Day at designated beaches.

A-4 Beach Badges will not be replaced.

A-5 Food on the beach is prohibited. Only non-alcoholic beverages in non-disposable containers are permitted on the beach. The throwing, dumping or placing of cans, bottles, containers, papers, food or other waste or refuse material on the beach is prohibited.

A-6 Garbage and recycling containers are located on the boardwalk area. Please use the appropriate container.

Bathing Beaches


B-1 Bathing is permitted weather permitting at the following locations or as posted:

  • Beacon (Pavilion)
  • Beach Chicago Beach
  • Brooklyn Beach
  • New York Beach
  • Trenton Beach
  • Neptune/Seaside Beach
  • Baltimore/Philadelphia/Seaside South Beaches – conditions permitting at the discretion of Beach Manager/Chief Lifeguard

B-2 Mats, body boards without skegs or any other flotation device, are permitted, weather permitting, at these locations:

  • Beacon Beach
  • Brooklyn Beach
  • New York Beach
  • Trenton Beach
  • Neptune/Seaside Beach
  • Baltimore & Philadelphia Beaches – conditions permitting at the discretion of Beach Manager/Chief Lifeguard

B-3 Surfboards and body boards with skegs are permitted south of the Baltimore Boulevard pipe and north of the Philadelphia Blvd. jetty and on North Beach. Borough/Beach Management has discretionary authority for actions related to the protection of endangered/threatened species on North Beach This area, excluding North Beach, will be open to bathing when no surfing is going on due to calm conditions at the discretion of the beach manager. When bathing is not permitted at other beachfront areas due to wave conditions or rough surf, these locations may be assigned to surfing based on the safety conditions at the discretion of the Beach Manager/Chief Lifeguard.

B-4 Stand up paddle boards may be launched and landed north of the Trenton bathing area up to the Boston jetty. Wave riding is permitted in this area, leashes must be worn. Stand up paddle boards may be launched and landed on North Beach. No wave riding is permitted on North Beach unless the Beach Manager or Chief Lifeguard gives approval.

B-5 Persons are not allowed on Sea Girt jetties, during beach hours, without permission of the Beach Manager or Chief Lifeguard.

B-6 Rough Surf Management – During rough surf conditions the Beach Manager/Chief Lifeguard will regulate and control the beachfront as to determine whether bathing and/or kayaking, and surfing is to be permitted, restricted or closed during or after normal operating hours in accordance with Sea Girt Borough Ordinance No. 17-2010. Any permitted locations will be determined by safety conditions. The Rough Surf Management Plan will remain in effect until the surf conditions subside and normal beach operating conditions are in effect.



C-1 This will offer free beach access to active members of the Armed Forces, National Guard and National Guard Reserves of any branch of the military and their families. They must present a valid military identification card for free entry to the beach.



D-1 No one will be admitted to the beach without a beach badge, during regular beach hours (9:00 am – 4:00 pm). Entry is allowed only through designated entrances.



E-1 Bath houses are available at the Pavilion. Seasonal and daily lockers are available and rates are posted at the ticket window.



F-1 No sleeping on the beach between the hours of 5pm & 8am.



G-1 Picnic parties will be subject to the permission of the Beach Manager/Chief Lifeguard and require a permit issued by the Police Department. No picnic parties will be permitted on North Beach. Such picnics will be limited to the designated picnic table areas near the boardwalk in the issued permit. For information on Wedding Ceremonies on the beach please visit our website:



H-1 The throwing of a ball or other objects such as Frisbees, paddleball and football is prohibited on beaches during bathing hours of the entire beach season. Such games and the throwing or active use of any objects such as Frisbees, paddle balls or footballs are further prohibited at all times, this activity is prohibited on North Beach, Pavilion Beach and south of Seaside Place during ALL hours, not just bathing hours. Kite flying is prohibited on all beaches. At discretion of the Borough Administrator, Beach Manager, or Chief Lifeguard, limited ball playing with a “soft ball” with no hard cover, in specifically designated areas, is permitted. Ball playing will be limited to those designated areas, and by no way will impact the entrance ways, Endangered/Protected Species areas, or large congregation of beachgoers. The use of a bat(s) or any other type of sports equipment other than a “soft ball” is PROHIBITED. Ball playing will be limited to the areas and by no way will impact the entrance ways, Endangered/Protected Species areas, or large congregation of beachgoers.



I-1 The placing of private storage boxes or private property on the beach or under the boardwalk is prohibited and prohibited overnight.



J-1 Boats of any kind other than registered catamarans or sailfish may not be launched or beached on any beach during bathing hours. Registration is limited to 30 in number. Catamarans, if approved, shall be stored at the direction of the Beach Manager or Chief Lifeguard. All catamaran storage shall be restricted to the south of Beacon Boulevard. Registration decals must be displayed on the boats. These catamarans are permitted on the beach from April 1st until October 31st. Any boats on the beach before or after this time shall be removed at owner’s expense and a fine imposed.

J-2 Kayaks are prohibited from being launched on North Beach from March 15th until notification from the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife and approval by the Beach Manager or Chief Lifeguard. Kayaks may be launched north of Trenton Beach bathing area daily, subject to safe surf conditions. Kayak storage bins are available for rental from Memorial Day to one week after Labor Day. Registration is required in the Beach Office and will be renewed each year until June 16th. Space is limited. The launching of kayaks on North Beach shall be in accordance with and subject to areas so designated by the Beach Manager/Chief Lifeguard to avoid interference with the Endangered and Protected Species Activity and Habitat.



K-1 The Pavilion restrooms will be open during normal beach hours and during special events at the beach.



L-1 Borough Ordinance No. 485 prohibits dogs on the boardwalk. Dogs are not permitted on the beach from March 15 to September 30 of any year. At other times of the year any owner or a person having custody or control of a dog may be on the beach only if the dog is securely confined and controlled by an adequate leash not more than six (6) feet in length. The requirements of Ordinance No. 485, Section A7 requiring clean up after any dog are hereby made applicable to the public beach area. Your particular cooperation in the observance of this ordinance is requested.



M-1 Riding or standing bicycles on the boardwalk from May 15 to September 15 is restricted to the hours of 5:00 am to 10:00 am. Motorized vehicles are not permitted at any time on the beach or boardwalk. Skates and skateboards are not permitted at any time on the boardwalk.



N-1 The Sea Girt Borough Hall is located at the northeast corner of Baltimore Boulevard and Fourth Avenue. The Police Department, Fire Department and Borough Administrative Offices are located in the building. Police and Fire non-emergency phone is 732-449-7300. The Municipal Offices phone is 732-449-9433. Radio communications is maintained between the Borough Hall and Police Patrol Car. For ALL Emergencies dial 911. It is the desire of the Borough that its beaches afford the maximum pleasure to the public and the beach committee will welcome any suggestions regarding the improvement of beach facilities or administration. Please file all suggestions, in writing, at the office of the Beach Manager at the Pavilion.

N-2 Any person or persons violating any of the foregoing rules and regulations may be prosecuted in accordance with Borough Ordinance No. 17-2010.